sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

La tira anti neoliberal

Tras haber visto un par de veces "Inside Job" estoy un tanto cabreado con el neoliberalismo, los mercados y la gente que se enriquece a costa de empobrecer a los demás; así que ahí van 3 imágenes que me encantan.

After I saw a couple of times "Inside Job" I am so angry with neoliberalism, the markets, and the people who enrich themselves by making poorer the rest of us, so there it go 3 images that I like (below the image the translation of the text)

*Markets: repress the demonstrations, end with freedoms, convert them all in consumerist slaves
*Violence&Corruption: Money orders, we obey. Long live to the sistem!

*Radio: and once more the markets have won the elections still owning the absolute power with zero votes

Espero que os hayan gustado y que alguna os haya hecho reflexionar
I hope you have enjoyed them, and that some of them would have done you think

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